Claudette Fitzpatrick

  • I started in this industry in 2002. Upon entering my new career as a vacation counselor my love for the lifestyle my members enjoyed grew quickly. I realized that vacationing creates priceless memories for people, and my desire to give people the chance to create those memories caught fire. I felt then and do now that everyone should give this gift to themselves as a promise, a promise of time together.

    I am proud to say that I personally helped hundreds of families improve their lifestyles, and take some of their dreams and turn them into reality. When I get a phone call from a member saying “thank you for not giving up on us”, well, there is nothing more rewarding.

    I am also proud of my role in the growth of this resort, not just the facility, but the development of the culture of our team here at the resort. We just keep getting better!

    This is truly a Fun and Caring Community


    1-800-445-6600 ext 7504