Oscar Roman

  • Fractional Sales Manager

    My name is Oscar Roman and i was born and raised in Tampico, Mexico. I am the only one in my family that lives away from Mexico. I am fortunate enough to have parents that love to vacation with their kids. Since i can remember i have been on planes, trains, cruises, buses, etc. A few years ago we all went as a family on a ski vacation to Park City, Utah. We were having a fantastic time on the slopes! The last day of our trip we stumbled upon a beautiful timeshare resort and fell in love with. As a family we became timeshare members and along with all the perks of being a member, i was lucky enough to secure a future job in the resort. Soon after i graduated from Texas A&M University i moved to Utah to start my amazing resort job. I have since worked in most areas of the industry and have been blessed with many friends along the way.

    Being in the industry and also being a timeshare owner, i can appreciate everyday how important vacations are to every single family that i meet. I can truly help families every day with great vacation planning and share with them personal family experiences that everyone would enjoy. By doing this, i am proud to be able to enhance the lifestyles of thousands of families and continue to create fun and caring memories that families will never forget. I love to travel and i truly believe that everyone will benefit more from traveling in the future.

    (705)445-6600 ext. 7154