• Check Out What’s New At Cranberry Golf Course!

    April 16th, 2015

    Cranberry-Nov-13-2014-propoWell, it’s plus something today here in beautiful Collingwood Ontario!  It has been a while since i was able to say that!

    Yes, for many of you away in the south, stay there for a while longer if you can!
    For many of you that have been here in Collingwood or surrounding areas, it’s been a tough winter for sure.  Good news, the weather is starting to come around.

    Enough about the weather, I know many of us are looking forward to a great golf season this year.  We are excited to announce the following changes taking place giving our membership and guests a more improved facility to be a part of.

    The Deck at Station on the Green is under a Deck extension of 24 feet.  This will allow for plenty of seating during all our special member functions and entertainment nights as well as corporate bookings.   It is work in progress as we speak.  (*Picture attached)

    The railing around the deck area will be replaced with glass railing making our deck view absolutely tremendous.  It will also help keep the wind to a minimum when enjoying your lunch or dinner.  The Men’s and Ladies locker rooms will be under full renovation with new Drywall throughout, new toilets, some new lighting, new lounge furniture, sauna repair and much more for the 2015 golf season.  The Station on the Green are preparing final plans to execute a kitchen upgrade that will see a bigger space to work in, some more equipment and a new menu for 2015.  The menu survey returns really helped us to understand the wants and needs of our members.  The new menu will feature some healthier choices as well as salads, wraps, and more general pub fare type of food for the most part.

    The Membership Drive is going along steady and there is lots of talk with neighboring clubs as usual.  We know one thing.  We are on solid ground and will remain that way for years to come.  As your Head Golf Professional, I am committed to providing our members, guests with the best staff, course conditions, clubhouse amenities, apres golf venues and social nights available.  We are also determined to raise the level of service to the expectations needed to ensure a fun and caring community around our golf facility.  Each member needs to feel appreciated.  We do understand how important membership is.

    Scott McLeod and Graham Ashton will be back in the pro shop for the 2015 Golf Season.  Bill Athan has made his way to pursue a golf position at another course.  We thank him and wish him the best in his future endevours.

    We are always looking for new memberships here at Cranberry.  Remember, if you introduce a new member to our facility, you will be credited $150 towards your account to be used during the 2015 golf season.  Always worth mentioning to a friend!

    The men’s and Ladies committees have been busy getting the golf calendar ready with all the golf events and socials this year.  I thank them in advance for keeping in touch with me and providing their input towards dates, events, lunches, socials, etc.
    The new calendar of events will be emailed to you soon once final decisions have been made.

    We have a 12,000 sq foot golf green being grown this year over on the Cranberry Practice Facility.  It will be used for short game practice as well as fun after you have finished your 18th hole,  “Furthest from the pin buys the 1st round”

    It can be used for some fun competitions as well.  The Green will be seeded in the spring and will not be ready until (Approx) mid Sept 2015.  This procedure is very weather dependent, so we hope for the best growing conditions!  There are some other ideas taking place that will see some fundraising ventures take place in support of local charities.

    We are also working on a proposal to stop the water collection around our practice putting green and enhance the look of our overall practice facility.  David Moote has drafted a proposal and Tony Frake have some ideas to bring forward that will see beautiful landscaping around the green.  Cutting in a small creek around the green to take the water away from the green.  Also planting some trees in the practice area as well.  *Picture attached.  Final approval is pending but this is what the club would like to see.

    Everyone, play safe and have fun.  Hope to see you all soon.

    Any questions, please call me at 705-444-2699