Member Benefits

  • Your Vitality Vacations membership offers more than just vacations. 

    When you become a member with vitality vacations, you’ve just gained access to an array of exclusive luxury resorts in spectacular destinations. You’ll also enjoy spacious and well-appointed accommodations, and world-class amenities.

    Your Vitality Vacations membership is more than just a vacation. It’s a lifestyle, but above all, it’s about people — people like you and your loved ones.


    Expand Your Horizons

    Your membership opens up access to over 2,500 unique resort and vacation options all over the world. Forget about pricey vacations, we promise at least 4-star accommodations for the same price as a standard hotel room.

    Our concierge team will always strive to accommodate your vacation needs and wishes. Spend more time with the people you cherish, doing activities you love. Take your children on a theme-park vacation in Orlando or relax on the waterfront in beautiful Collingwood, Ontario. Whatever you choose, we will always be here to help you make it perfect.

    Vacations Shouldn’t Break Your Bank

    Year after year, it’s becoming increasingly expensive to take a vacation with your family. But that does not mean you should give up on having fun.

    Vacations contribute to happiness and you should not be deprived of the fun and relaxation because of money. Through our membership program, Vitality Vacations provides a new way to enjoy the best resorts and locations every year, without breaking your bank.

    There is no price on your happiness.


    Being a member with Vitality Vacations brings an ever-expanding choice of accommodations, amenities, locations, pricing, and unit exchanges. Our resorts span 75 different countries, so fulfill your dreams of being a world traveler!

    Experience the royal treatment you deserve when you join the Vitality Vacations family.