Why Resort Rentals

  • Why Resort Rentals are Better Than Hotels

    The most basic differences between a hotel room, and a condo or resort rental, are found in the design purposes. Hotel rooms were built to fit as many people in a small unit as possible, closely confined to a building for short periods of time, while condos were made to experience and live life in.

    Other comparisons include:


    Hotels usually range from one to two bedrooms with little or no common space. Condos are laid out for separation of bedrooms and living areas, so the kids can watch movies in the living room, while the adults shuffle through a few rounds of cards in the dining room, a spread of drinks and snacks along the kitchen counter keep everyone together and happy.


    If you’ve stayed in a hotel, you probably know they are notorious for paper thin walls, revealing every conversation and toilet flush above or below your room. Condos are made for separate families and people to live among each other, without any invasion of privacy. Playing your Friday night action film a few notches louder, and the occasional kids jumping on the bed are no issue in a condo.


    Some travelers have resorted to hand washing their clothing in bathtubs, using the tiny complimentary bottle of shampoo to avoid the staggering hotel laundry service charges. At your vacation condo, washers and dryers are yours for the duration of your stay, this means you can relax while your clothes are being thoroughly cleaned and dried, as many times as needed.


    It’s hard to understand how necessary a kitchen is, until you are without one. A compact refrigerator, and mini coffee maker are sometimes included in hotel rooms. Condo rentals feature full kitchens including a standard sized refrigerator, stove top, oven, and microwave. Having a few meals at your “home away from home” can be very budget friendly.